Hello! My name is Jennifer Kyulule. I am the owner of Foxy Online Marketing. I created this company after many years in the print business. We used to do print advertisement such as postcards, classifieds, and an outdoor magazine, American Outdoors.

In recent years, it became more apparent that I needed to switch the entire focus of our company from print to online marketing. I felt a fiduciary responsibility to deliver the best results at the best price for my clients.  As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is for your advertising dollars to convert into customers.  So, in 2017 after my husband and I welcomed our 5th son, Landon, I went back to the drawing board!

It felt a little bit like a start up again, which anyone who has ever started a business knows exactly what I’m talking about. 10 hour days, lots of caffeine, and tons of nerves. However, I had faith in what we were doing and knew it was the best move for my clients in the long run.  I learned from the best teachers including one of the top social media and ecommerce experts in the world. I have spent hundreds of hours of continued education and practical work to deliver results for clients that hire my company. The best part of this business, however, is when a client tells me about a big sale they made or thanks me for the good job I have done for them. I like to feel like I have made a difference in my client's business. 

Jennifer Kyulule

Owner Foxy Online Marketing

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